Don’t Forget the Apostrophe.

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Apostrophe, one of New York’s creative havens, is seeking to reopen its doors and it need your help. Headed by Sei Smith and Ki Smith, Apostrophe was founded in the summer of 2012 and served as a magnet for young creatives before building code issues forced its closure in the Fall. But Apostrophe was not about to just ride off quietly into the sunset, as Sei and Ki quickly realized that what they built lived well beyond the confines of any building.

The ongoing support has moved Sei and Ki to begin a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will resurrect Apostrophe thus continuing what the brothers started.

Their goal of $75,000 will pay for: 

3 months rent – ($17,000 x 3) = ($51,000)Renovations of the gallery, venue, bar, and out garden, building the “making” installation – ($12,000)Line array sound system, projectors – ($9,000) Artist installation budget for 3 months ($1000 x 3)  – ($3,000) 



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