Undeniable Evidence.

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One of the benefits of being “civilized” creatures is our ability to clean up our messes–or at least we try. But some messes just don’t go away. Pollution, homicide, they linger as a constant reminder that not all slates can be wiped clean.

Born in Idaho and now working out of New York and Isreal, Angela Strassheim‘s Evidence series features homes in which familial homicides have occurred. Using a “Blue Star” solution and minimal light, the presence of stubborn bloodstains–despite cleaning, repainting, and new inhabitants–are revealed. Evidence is a haunting in itself. It causes your mind to wander, reenacting the murder to the best of your abilities.

Evidence No. 1 (Courtesy of Angela Strassheim.)

Evidence No. 2 (Courtesy of Angela Strassheim.)

Evidence No. 8 (Courtesy of Angela Strassheim.)

Evidence No. 11 (Courtesy of Angela Strassheim.)

Evidence No. 12 (Courtesy of Angela Strassheim.)

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