Amy Sillman. | ‘One Lump or Two’ at Hessel Museum.

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This week is the last week to see Amy Sillman‘s latest solo exhibition, ‘One Lump or Two’. On display at Hessel Museum of Art at Bard College, the show includes a great number of works that really express Sillman’s aesthetic range. ‘One Lump or Two’ also has chronological appeal being that it is one of those rare opportunities where you can view an artist’s evolution in one sitting, under one roof.

The show is curated by Helen Molesworth and ends on Sunday September 21st. Be sure to stop by!


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Amy_Sillman_One_Lump_or_Two 2

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Amy_Sillman_One_Lump_or_Two 5

Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Amy_Sillman_One_Lump_or_Two 6

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