A Witch’s Descent. | Christina Forrer.

In The Menu by Quiet Lunch

We recently discovered these beautiful tapestry by Christina Forrer. These works were featured in an exhibition last year at Grice Bench. The show addressed witching hunting and how its forgotten and obscured history is now perceived in a modern society.

Forrer included this statement along with the exhibition:

‘ Witch hunting was common in Europe in
the Middle Ages. But, there is one story
that is remembered even today.
A certain witch in the Belalp region was
accused of being responsible for her
husband’s death, and was burned at stake.
Now, this story is commemorated by a week
long skiing event in January in Belalp, in
which people dress up as witches, wear
masks, and participate in the 12km long
‘Witches’ Descent.’

Feet of The Devil, 2016.

Untitled, 2016.