A Bizarro Request.

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Okay, see the piece below? Pretty fucking awesome, no? Titled Don’t You Mean…Bizarro Last Supper?, it is an ode to the Bizarro episode of the Adult Swim show, Sealab 2021. But here’s the thing, only 100 of them were made and they look to be no longer available. How could something so awesome be out of stock? Well, the artist, Matt Chase, made it a limited series, signing and number every one.

Courtesy of Matt Chase.

Courtesy of Matt Chase.

Sure, Chase only made 100, but we have a feeling that if their is a public outcry–or least a private request or two–Chase will change his mind and conjure up a few more. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth it.

Help us bring this piece back by messaging Chase at matt.chase@swbell.net!

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