399 Days. | Rachel Kneebone.

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Rachel Kneebone’s 399 Days is a deep-seated narrative of existential lore. An intricate tower of porcelain, it weaves together the stories of countless knowns and unknowns who forever belong to the time annals of time. Kneebone’s exhibition at White Cube will be on display through September 2012.

Photos Courtesy of White Box |x| Ianthearchictect.com



Rachel Kneebone 399 Days 9×9×9 2014   White Cube 2 Rachel Kneebone 399 Days 9×9×9 2014   White Cube


  1. Rachel Kneebone – Astonishing. Of course I am not the first to say that but having visited the Rodin Museum, where I was overwhelmed by his work, I have a sort of measure by which to consider others. I would love to see Kneebone’s work in person as it were, but I am far away. I learned ceramic sculpture for about ten years in the 1990’s and so have some sort of appreciation for both the beauty and the skill.

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