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Ricardo Brey’s Doble Existencia/Double Existence at Alexander Gray Associates.

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A brooding and covertly confrontational exhibition, Ricardo Brey’s Doble Existencia/Double Existence sits with you well after you leave the gallery. The exhibition is rich with symbolism and plunges its audience into a murky reservoir of poignant pigments, fragmented literature and found objects. The audience either willfully drowns or threads lightly. Brey is no stranger to evoking emotion and addressing life’s innerworkings. The …

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NEW VIDEO: “Weave” by Ashni.

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Ashni Davé, who simply goes by Ashni, recently released visuals for the single, “Weave.” The song, which has been heralded as an ode to women and selfhood, is gracefully heavy handed. It rolls, tumbles and flashes like a mesmeric storm. The juxtaposition of imagery in the video is just as striking, featuring brilliant choreography paired with pulsating visions of nature. …

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ARAKAWA-GINS + the Arrows of Time

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Diagrams for the Imagination will be on view at Gagosian uptown at 980 Madison Avenue and 77th street, from the 5th of March through the 13th of April. The seventeen room-scale canvases and six large format works on paper are the marvelous fruit of a profound collaborative engagement between Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins that began when they met in …

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NEW VIDEO: “Give It Up” by Salomon Faye Feat. Nas Leber.

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Salomon Faye just released visuals for the single, “Give It Up.” Teaming up with fellow Illuzionist, Nas Leber, “Give It Up” is aggressively self assessing, triumphant and rhythmic. The video matches the rawness of the song perfectly. Shot by Dakota Blue Harper with visual effects by Alex Halbert, the video is a captivating glitchy one take featuring a dangerous looking …

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Shine the Lights on Kellogg and Byrd @ White Columns

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LACK OF RESPECT FROM ADULTS FOR ABSTRACT CHILD ART CAUSES EXCELLENT WORK TO BE CRUMPLED AND THROWN AWAY Rediscovery of the lives and works of two artists, Rhoda Kellogg and David Byrd, are on view at the venerable White Columns, running from 18 January to 9 March 2019. One enters the space at 91 Horatio Street, a block north of …