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5 Shows That Made White People Move to NYC.

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Let us start by addressing the term “white people.” In no way are we attempting to be derogatory when we use this term. We are simply referring to migrating caucasians. But beware! This article will not kowtow to white fragility and will, in all, be an observant joyride of pop culture and sociogeographical trends. In New York City, as well …

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Julia Sinelnikova Opens Ice Pores at Lazy Susan

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Multifaceted artist Julia Sinelnikova recently debuted a brand new solo exhibition at Lazy Susan Gallery in the Lower East Side. Appropriately titled Ice Pores, the sculpture heavy exhibition is based around a new iteration of her celebrated “Fairy Organs” series and also builds on ideas from a previous solo exhibition, Organ Farm, which took place earlier last year. Per usual, Sinelnikova did …

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The Others: What Really Happened to Charles Stewart?

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The Others is a classic horror film with an famous twist that never gets stale. Although The Others partly mirrors the groundbreaking twist of M. Night Shyamalan’s Sixth Sense, the film’s nuanced narrative and neoclassical pace has made it a standout not only in the horror genre, but in cinema overall. Alejandro Amenábar’s third large film, The Others won eight …

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Trembling Thinking @ The Americas Society

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Lydia Cabrera and Édouard Glissant: Trembling Thinking opened at the Americas Society mansion at 680 Park Avenue and 68th Street on the 9th of October and remains open through the 12th of January 2019; this is too short notice but try to see this important and subtle exhibition.  The extraordinarily inventive installation involves several wall projections, writing on the wall, …