Founded in 2012, Quiet Lunch’s offices are located on 5th Avenue in NYC. Since 2012 we’ve grown into an internationally circulated print publication and an online source for some of the most important and entertaining writing about art, film, music, fashion and culture that reaches millions of writers a month. Now, we’re expanding, and we want your amazing insights, opinions, thoughts and feelings in the written word and pictures about our world arts and entertainment culture at large. We’re looking for writer that want to write about what they talk with their friends about on a daily basis. Opinion, critical thought, reviews, interviews and writing on current and past art and media culture is our essence. We let you write or vlog what you want to present and sometimes give assignments.

We’re looking for experienced and emerging writers in NYC, LA, London, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai and other major cities that know how to write or vlog a review, an opinion piece, an article or just write about their favorite new art show, movie, musician, film, book or cool thing.

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