World Middle Finger Day.

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Many of us are under the assumption that August isn’t good for anything but BBQ and sweating stains. A month voided of holidays and plentiful in sweltering heat, August is a barren wasteland of time — or so we thought!

What’s that above? Well, it’s the finger. Why are we giving it? Well, because it’s World Middle Finger Day! That’s right, today is the day where those giving out middle fingers and lollipops should have no qualms with being fresh out of lollipops!

“We are initiating a global day to celebrate the freedom to object, using the most univeral gesture of discontent or protest: The Middle Finger. We’ve all got something that annoys the hell out of us. Or outrages us. Whatever it is, big or small, on August 1: Give ’em the finger!”

But before you go giving any and everything the finger, the 20+ organizers who founded the holiday want to let you know that World Middle Finger Day is not a day for hate mongering. Read more on their Facebook Fanpage.

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