Welcome, Carly Sioux!

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Carly Souix. (Self Portrait.)

Quiet Lunch enjoys adding members to its band of miscreants; so, with no further ado, say, ‘Ay, vato.’ to our newest staff member Carly Sioux!

Carly Sioux is a brilliant photog but, MORE IMPORTANTLY, she is an exquisite photo essayist who uses her lens to capture carefree mayhem and warm introspection. In essence, she isn’t just some sassy jabroni with a camera. She is an artist armed with a third eye; a kindred soul with a vision — and she’s gracious enough to not only share it with us but with the world overall.

We’re glad to have her on board and look forward to her existential stench stinking up the joint. Be on the look out for Carly Sioux’s premiere post and month long exalting; coming up sooner than you think!

Unflinchingly Yours,

The Quiet Lunch Staff.

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