Thin Lizzy.

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Portrait of Naoko from Haruki Murukami’s Norwegian Wood. (Photo Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart.)

From the quaint London fog emerges Lizzy Stewart; a charming illustrator who uses her craft to tell folkesque stories that warm the heart and soul.

Perhaps it is the pencil strokes; perhaps it is her mellow quirk… but there is genuine something about Stewart’s work. It feels natural.

A selection of images from volume one of little otsu’s Living Things series. (Photo Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart.)

Photo Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart.

We Are The Friction – A book of illustration and short fiction independently published with Jez Burrows as Sing Statistics. (Photo Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart.)

Freckles. (Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart.)

Mrs. Peter’s Hat – llustrated version of Virgina Woolf’s ‘Mrs Dalloway’ for the Folio Society. (Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart.)

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