The Recovery Begins.

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If you live in the Northeastern area of the United States, Hurricane Sandy may have had a great affect you and/or your neighbors–and it is only right that you get access to the best news sources and updates to inform you on how to get help. In an effort to provide that vital information, Quiet Lunch has provided a modest guide that will help with most general questions and concerns. Hopefully, it will help everyone get quick answers for assistance.

• For quick updates on a specific area affected by Hurricane Sandy: F.E.M.A.
• For Transit Service restoration updates (Tri-state Area):  MTA.
• For power outage updates: Con ED.
• Here  is a map of the New York City Transit System (until further notice):

Click image for updated map.

• If you are in New York City and need a quick charge for your mobile phone, search the following hashtags on Twitter: #sandy or #pwrup #nypwrup or by city or region e.g. #eastvillagepwrup (Many thanks to our good friend @Enoxh for this tip)
• To donate to people who need help: Red Cross
• To volunteer: NYC Mayor’s Office
• Have a pet or need to find a pet, or just want to help our furry companions: Humane Society.
• To get food or donate food:Food Bank of New York.

Remember any help is better than no help. Stay informed. Stay Strong. Assist your neighbors. Together we can help make this a successful recovery.


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