The Projective Drawing Opening Night Panel Discussion | Austrian Cultural Forum New York

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On Monday evening, Quiet Lunch attended the Austrian Cultural Forum New York opening night Panel Discussion for The Projective Drawing, a group exhibition curated by Brett Littman, Executive Director, The Drawing Center, New York. Brett was joined by Elsy Lahner (Albertina, Vienna) and Austrian artists Judith Saupper, Brigitte Mahlknecht and Lionel Favre.  A reception followed afterwards at the Raimund Abraham designed space.

“The exhibition is based on The Projective Cast, a book published in 1995 by architectural historian Robin Evans that defines a new way to explain how we “see” architecture by incorporating all sensations that underpin the human experience of built structures (mental, physical, and emotional). In The Projective Drawing, curator Brett Littman applies Evans’s theory, which is skeptical of drawing at its core, to challenge and expand our understanding of how the medium of drawing operates in contemporary culture.” Our review of the show coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Panel Discussion at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Christine Moser, with her copy of Quiet Lunch

Opening Night’s Reception

Curator Brett Littman with Director Christine Moser and guests. having a laugh with guests at The Projective Drawing opening.

The Raimund Abraham designed Austrian Cultural Forum New York has three floors to showcase art.

Director of the Shipibo Conibo Center, Matteo Norzi

The scene on the lower level of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Artist Judith Saupper standing in front her work.

Collector and dealer Robin Cofer with guest.

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