The Musings of Thor.

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Erik Thor Sandberg goes the distance in his wonderful oil paintings that reveal all the imperfections that make life interesting. Said to be conducting a conversation between he and the audience, most of what Sandberg has to say is often deadpan and weighed heavy with an abstract brand of substance — a brand of substance that helps his beautiful message penetrate even further into our psyche.

Courtesy of Erik Thor Sandberg.

He thrives off of human identity. His work doesn’t attempt to define our existence, instead it tells the tale of our existence in a way that is empathetic and true to life. The more you gaze in Sandberg’s works, the more you become content with life’s hiccup and its treasured symbolism.

“Truth”. (Courtesy of Erik Thor Sandberg.)

“Complacency”. (Courtesy of Erik Thor Sandberg.)

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