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Artist Julia Randall isolates an instrument often used by all human beings; their mouth. In some works — especially portraits — the mouth is one of the most important centerpieces. Occasionally coming in second only to the eyes, it sets the tone for the rest of the face.

Placing the mouth against a blank background, Randall makes the mouth a one person show. Think of the face as a band, Randall just talked the mouth into going solo.

“Bubblehead”. (Courtesy of Julia Randall.)

“Lick Line”. (Courtesy of Julia Randall.)

Somewhat of a hyperrealist, Randall work is a tad slutty on purpose. But it challenges you to view seduction in a way that slightly turns you off. It forces you to redefine the meaning of seduction and the ways it can be conveyed.

“Lick Line”. (Courtesy of Julia Randall.)

Courtesy of Julia Randall.

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