The Dot is Black. | David Mrugala.

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David Mrugala isn’t your archetypal artist. When approaching his work, Mrugala is seemingly pragmatic. An architect by trade, Mrugala relies less on intuition and more on the innovation of the rules already set in place. He doesn’t want to rage against the machine, he wants to rage with it; and eventually control it.

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When you first look at Mrugala’s work, it comes off as minimalism. But there is much more there. Under the guise of minimalism, Mrugala uses programming, design and geometry to create a visual symphony of shapes and patterns.

“In geometry, one always finds a circular argument that brings things together again, providing direction and flexibility. In this context, I launched the platform thedotisblack to explore generative drawings using the programming language Processing. The main focus of it is to develop simple rules through coding that utilize basic design design principles and can be used for further development. For me coding does not only emphasize on this relationship among its parts but also enables the potential for a very high complexity of the whole that can be controlled by the designer.”

  • – David Mrugala


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