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The Others: What Really Happened to Charles Stewart?

In Film, The Menu by Akeem K. Duncan.24 Comments

The Others is a classic horror film with an famous twist that never gets stale. Although The Others partly mirrors the groundbreaking twist of M. Night Shyamalan’s Sixth Sense, the film’s nuanced narrative and neoclassical pace has made it a standout not only in the horror genre, but in cinema overall. Alejandro Amenábar’s third large film, The Others won eight …

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Boy Erased

In Film, The Menu, Visual Arts by Max FergusonLeave a Comment

“What makes a man a man?” Sykes yells with a cadence that switches the ‘h’ and ‘w’ in ‘what.’ He yells this at a row of boys and girls, all homosexual, all wrong in the eyes of the program they are currently forced to attend. The program is attempting to change them, and if you’ve paid attention to the news …