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The Last Days of Sarah Canfield’s “Reverb: Imagining the Invisible” at Mueller Art Gallery.

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There is an enrapturing and mesmerizing element about Sarah Canfield‘s work that opens up the viewer eyes to more than what appears to be there. It also reveals a rather dissonant and sometime contemptuous relationship between nature and technology. A relationship that we have witnessed take place before our very eyes as it has shaped almost every facet of our …

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Creating Art For Change: Multi-disciplinary Artist Indira Cesarine

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It’s a rather wet and drowsy Thursday. A message comes in summoning me to Manhattan’s Soho district. The reason? The opening festivities of this year’s SuperFine! Art Exhibition–a rather low key, unobtrusive, yet refreshing art show held as a precursor to the Frieze Art Show. The person doing the summoning? None other than the notable multi-disciplinary artist and doyenne of …