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Shut Up and Take My $$$ – Say Hello to the new Apple Mac Touch

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Unlike many creatives, I am not an Apple user. I feel Apple has become lazy when it comes to design and more important innovation. Then Quiet Lunch received an email from our friends at ADR Studio Design (Italy) about their latest concept. Introducing Apple Mac Touch. Apple Touchboard is a new generation touchscreen MAC with keyboard, wireless and the user experience…  fretless. It …

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The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera x Instagram Comes to (Real) Life.

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Update! We have GREAT NEWS! Our readers have been salivating over the concept of an Instgram Socialmatic Camera and Quiet Lunch is proud to announce that after 3 years since the concept was originally designed by ADR Studios, the Polaroid  Socialmatic Camera is a REALITY!!! The Polariod Socialmatic Camera comes in 2 colors and can is available online and in-stores for $299! …