New Music. | “Switchin Sides” | Runway Richy |FT.| Gucci Mane.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

With the “eye of the tiger and the heart of a lion,” Runway Richy is on a journey to share his message. Shaped by an East Atlanta perspective, the emerging artist was pleased to discover that Gucci Mane hopped on his latest track, “Switchin Sides.” Wrapped with sincerity, Runway Richy explains, “it’s a huge honor for me working with him.”

The FKi Sauce production is a visceral example of Hip-Hop’s inclusive nature. Manipulated guitars evoke a funky backdrop to which the ATLiens spit contemplative rhymes. This is the second offering from his CKP Records, upcoming EP, China Cafeteria 2.5: House Special. It drops on June 16.

Don’t fret, as Runway Richy will be joining B.o.B. on The Elements Tour! Next month, it kicks off on June 8.