The 3rd Annual Surrealist Ball. | Photo Recap.

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The 3rd Annual Surrealist Ball closed the year with another performance by the legendary New York Dolls frontman David Johansen and arty host list of Natalie Kates, Lori Zimmer, Jon Burgerman, Kenny Kenny, Emperor Vanity Society, Ryan Burke, Archie Goats, Muffinhead and his Troupe and Suzie Hart. Taking inspiration from the original Surrealist Ball in 1972 at the de Rothschild chateau in France, Lori Zimmer and Natalie Kates have transformed The Roxy Hotel into a Surrealist tableau each year, inviting guests to channel their inner Dali.

Photographs Courtesy of Zach Hilty/

Pepperica Swirl, EmperorVanitySociety, Natalie Kates and Suzie Hart.

Logan Hicks and Lori Zimmer.

Troupe Muffinhead.

Ryan Burke and Archie Goats.

Heather Ripley.

Natalie Kates.

Elizabeth Sun and Dolly Dharma.

Nathaly Charria and Kota Eberhardt.

Mara Hennessey and David Johansen.

Muffinhead, Stella Rose Saint Clair, Aprella Barule, Suzie Hart, Natalie Kates, Emperor Vanity Society, Lori Zimmer, Kenny Kenny, Ryan Burke and Archie Goats.