In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

An amalgamation of sound, the Darrin James Band, is perfecting the art of combining an array of musical genres. Lead by the Kentucky born, Darrin James, who was raised in Michigan, and spent many formative years in New York City — the band brings everything from rock to country.

From its reflective start,  Strange Storm kicks off with an introspective atmosphere. The horns on “All Around Us” invites the listener to navigate the complexities of inner and outer conflict. A worldy and tranquil “Slow Trickle or The Rising Tide” is consuming and asserts that words aren’t always necessary.

“You Never Know” is an unexpected yet appreciated sonic embrace. The polished tracklisting supports the inherent creativity of Darrin James Band. At times, the soapbox delivery can fringe on preachy. Toward the album’s end a touch of jazz blesses the LP.

Although it’s a bit long “Covert Mission Theme” is a true gem. Uninterrupted sounds leads beautifully into, “Still Believe in Love.” It boasts friendly folk and supplies Strange Storm’s fulfilling ending. Listen and enjoy.

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