Si, Señor.

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Illustrator Señor Salme‘s work is often wrought through sheer fondness. The Spanish artist’s liking for comics, mythology and pop culture lurks in almost everyone of his pieces. Much like his bio on his site, Salme’s work is somewhat self depreciating. It holds back in a way but it’s for your own good.

Frankly, if Salme were to come at his audience full tilt, we’d probably get too distracted by the awesomeness. Makes sense? Okay, we’ll put it this way; sometimes the eye of the storm is just as significant as the storm itself. The calm takes advantage of the contrast between it and the actual storm. It inherits a beauty of it’s own.

“The Secret of the Universe”. (Courtesy of Señor Salme.)

“With & Without”. (Courtesy of Señor Salme.)

“The Golden Bough”. (Courtesy of Señor Salme.)

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