In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Back in 2015, Macy Lucarelli, Carl Raether, Jamie Cunningham, and Max Fitelson decided to fuse their artistry.  Shortly thereafter, Max Fite was officially born. Their debut EP, Shake It On Down, which dropped in August, is a testament of their collected growth.

Based in a land of sunshine, within the city of angels, the emerging band continues to cultivate its creative dexterity. Whether it’s delivering polished combos of Folk and Rock-N-Roll, or giving vocal insight into its respective rites-of-passage, Shake It On Down represents a respectable start for the band.

Opening with, “Devil In Me,” Max Fite attempts to offer a calculated juxtaposition of the good and evil that all people posses. Here, introspective ideals fight with cynic tangibility. While “Court Jester,” and the title track, “Shake It On Down,’ boast confident instrumentation, the lack of vocal verisimilitude diminishes these track’s potency.

Luckily, redemption is obtained with the reamainder of the EP. “My Own Fantasy,” summons MF’s most honest delivery. The listener receives an invitation to witness as insecurity battles hubris. It is dope. Then “Time To Heal” showcases a vulnerable humility which spotlights everything great about Max Fite.

Overall, “Yes Man,” is the best song from the group. Everything is right. Passion, fun, and talent on are display. Check out the EP, Shake It On Down!

Max Fite

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