Seton Hall to Reel in Freshman with Free Smartphones.

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Seton Hall University recently announced its plans to provide all incoming freshman with brand new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones for the 2012 school year.

Photo Courtesy of MSN.

The phone, which already has a partnership with the university via Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft, is part of the school’s Mobile Computing Initiative (which has been providing students with free laptops since 1997) and will come equipped with the school’s app that will be tailored for the matriculating freshman in efforts to use social media to connect them before setting foot on campus.

The Seton Hall Mobile App will be loaded onto every Lumia 900. (Photo Courtesy of Seton Hall University)

According to the university’s website, Nokia Data Gathering will also be made available to communicate with the incoming freshmen through polls, supplying information on college preparation, and information on how the Lumia 900 device and other technologies are being used.

The only downfall: students will receive a pre-paid package for the fall semester only but will then have to finance the bill afterward.

For more info, head to the Seton Hall University website.


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