Music Video. | “Same Drugs” | Chance The Rapper.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Art that provokes discussion is essential. With comfortable lyricism that compels the public, Chance The Rapper, is in the midst of erecting his legacy. His third mixtape, Coloring Book — which dropped last May– continues to earn critical acclaim.  Yesterday, (Feb. 6), via Facebook Live, the innovative MC debuted the video for “Same Drugs.”

A cursory listen may lead one to believe that Chance is merely reminiscing about losing touch with a love. Upon further dissection, one may consider that the referenced “Wendy” is actually “Windy.” With that realization the delightful ditty takes on an ominous undertone.

…When did you change,  Windy you’ve aged / I thought you’d never grow up, I thought you’d never / Window closed, Windy got old / I was too late, I was too late / A shadow of what I once was…,” he raps.

Encompassed by a relentless yearning for yesteryear, should one cry for Wendy or shed more ignored Windy City tears?