Quiet Lunch Magazine ‡ July 30th, 2012. – August 5th, 2012.

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Art month is on it’s way out and we are sad to say that we are super bummed. We’re also sad to say that August will be our first theme free month in a very long time. The majority of August we will be a month of freedom where we just give you the good stuff until you bleed from your eyes, ears and mouth.

But enough bad news and not-so-good news, this week’s cover is a goody. The media has been buzzing over The Dark Knight Massacre and speculating over perpetrator James Holmes ever since he rained doom on that Colorado movie theater. Is he psychotic? Is he depressed? Is he an evil genius?

Accompanied by a striking piece created by our good friend Louisa Bertman, we are currently working on making this issue of Quiet Lunch a little special.

Unflinchingly Yours,

Quiet Lunch Staff.

Stay Tuned!

Illustration by Louisa Bertman.

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