OFFLINE. | A Short Film.

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]imultaneously creeping and sprinting into the age of singularity, it is becoming more difficult to tell where technology ends and humanity begins—or vice versa. Our interaction with the internet, social media in particular, has become so consistent that a majority of internet users losing their familiarity with the commonplace phenomena that is real life. We have gotten lost in a sea of hearts and upward thumbs and have taken shelter behind trendy articles and insightful memes. But what happens when real life decides to remind you that it still exist? The short film, Offline, answers that question.

Written by Kanika Oung and Adam Arian, Offline is a sobering, unconventional love story with an intriguing twist. This short film will open eyes, open minds and maybe even prompt a gasp or two. Oung and Arian are currently in the process of funding this brilliant tidbit of cinematic commentary and they need your help to bring it to life! Visit their official Indiegogo for more info and donation perks.


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