In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Why become an FBI Special Agent when there’s the possibility of being a Rock star? The Slang’s John Bobo responded to this inquiry. Rather than joining the elevated boys in blue – the vocalist, pianist, guitarist – joined forces with the bass player, John Newsome to create, The Slang.

Taking a recording sojourn down South from Washington D.C. to Nashville, TN, the alternative Rock duo submerged themselves in sound to create their latest EP, Night and Day. The endeavor begins with “Ballard Of Everything.” The mundane vocal ability is massaged and ameliorated by the included instrumentation.

On “Breakthrough,” the emphatic longing of the ivory immediately transports the listener. Vocal honesty meets innate melodic manipulation. Although the track is relatively brief every note has meaning. The “Miracle Sound” lacks that je ne sais quoi that elevates a track from ordinary to incredible.

A frantic start to “Night and Day” beautifully signifies life’s complexities. It’s unfortunate that “Remember To Forget” is full of faux-angst. It will undoubtedly commandeer tears from the listener. Night and Day ends with a bland offering, but The Slang contain all the elements to cultivate greatness.

Time will dictate if The Slang is rewarded with longevity.

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