New Confetti. | Andrea Castro.

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Andrea Castro‘s most recent works sees the artist further incorporating mixed media into her paintings. While Castro is still sticking to some signature aesthetics and techniques, which include a brilliant bleeding of color and obstructing the view of the subject, the presence of various reveals an evolution in the artist’s conceptual outlook. Even the titles have taken a turn of their own, becoming more introspective and confessional.


Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Andrea Castro_Unsaid“Unsaid”
Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Andrea Castro_prepotencia
Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Andrea Castro_Determinations+and+dreams
“Determinations and Dreams”
Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Andrea Castro_the+ugliness+of+not+being+able+to+speak+out+-
“The Ugliness of Not Being Able to Speak”
Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Andrea Castro_I'm+more+confident+with+confetti+on-
“I’m More Confident with Confetti On”

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