In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Thank you, America; Agency is here! If music is a universal connector, then the Mainer musician is adding his artistry to that cohesive cannon. Earlier this month, via Anticondon Records, Agency’s PolitikaRAMA dropped.

Immediately, Agency’s profound perspective is felt. “Evaporate” is capable of arousing any soul. By the end its undaunted honesty evokes a need to sing along. Blending beautifully with the candor of “New Americana,” Agency pulls one further into a fantastic realm of truth. Questions pertaining to the faux façades upon which many Americans base their fleeting attention are explored.

The spirited use of horns on “Rejoice” snatches the EP’s introspective vibe and switches it with a jovial one. So, when “My Life” begins the smooth production is heightened by its powerful prose. “Livin In America,” is an encouraging ode that undoubtedly appeals to all the have-nots.

How far is Maine  from Hamelin? After a cunning harmonica cuts the track, the Pied Piper’s flute is utilized on “Fall Down Slowly.” That damn woodwind is magical! The heavy subject of deadly interactions with law enforcement oppressing the melanin-enriched is showcased.

It’s too bad that all great things must end. As the”AmeriKARMA (reprise)” plays, reflections of Malcolm’s and Martin’s ideals are contemplated. Agency proves that art is still powerful. Support his movement!


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