Looking for Jane. (NSFW)

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Yesterday, we featured a new video from Jack White’s debut album Blunderbuss. But in the process we became enthralled with the work of AG Rojas, the video’s director.

We mentioned that he also directed “EARL” and “Hey, Jane” — speaking of “Hey, Jane”, the video is fugging bonkers.

Photo Courtesy of Death and Taxes.

The video for the Spiritualized track, which is the first single off of the forthcoming album Sweet Heart Sweet Light (due out 4/17), stars Tyra Sanchez as a transsexual stripper named Frida who moves in a dark underworld while doing her best to uphold an aura of normalcy for her son.

Despite it being up to 10 minutes long, it’s worth every minute.

“Hey, Jane” by Spiritualized.↓

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