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“Maybe I should have loved me first,” laments Queen Naija. On “Karma,” the Detroit native’s follow-up to her meteoric smash “Medicine,” Queen contemplates questions of self-worth. After wasting time with a fuck boy, she successfully topples doubt. Naija emerges as a self-assured and secured woman.

Regardless of any controversy, back on June 29, Queen Naija, and her “Karma,” earned the top spot on the U.S. iTunes chart. “I want to make music that captures people, that gets into your soul—the kind of songs you need to keep playing over and over,” asserts the 22 year-old artist.

Stay tuned,Queen Naija is working to complete her debut EP; until then enjoy “Karma.”

“…Guess you done caught you a case of amnesia / Maybe you should take a look in your rear view…” – Queen Naija

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