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‘Rita Smashes The Dark Black’. – 2011

When you think of art, you think of brushing, scultping, dabbing, carving, molding… but how about pouring?

Well, Quiet Lunch got a peek at an exclusive exhibit opening in New York City presented by Dior Beauty. Holton Rower does one type of art, Pouring Paint. Sure, anyone can do that but not on the scale Rower does it.

Holton’s Gaint Pour Paintings are visually stunning and physically intimidating due to their sheer size.  The average measurement of most of these pieces: 110 inches across by 140 inches high! The blend of colors lock your eyes in a hypnotic gaze as you begin to feel lost in the continuous patterns and various hues.

Some pieces scream violently like tornadoes, others were more comforting like floating in pool on the perfect summer day.

Now, unlike some of our features, this one comes with a treat…

Live Painting in 3, 2, 1…

Simple in Process yet Complex in Interpretation.


‘Prick Punch’. – 2010

‘Get Me What I Want’. – 2011

‘Get Me What I Want’. – 2011

‘Give It To The Man With The Silver Club’. – 2011

‘I Like Dick’. – 2011

Holton Rower ‡ Fin.

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