Holiday Hiatus: Pardon Our Sloth

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Dear Readers, Fans and Friends of Quiet Lunch:

We the staff of Quiet Lunch hope this note finds you all in good spirits. While many of us are still recovering from the food-coma from the last few days of feasting and drinking, we are ever working, even in our slumber, to give you cerebral sustenance daily. With the new year fast approaching, we are looking to the future and preparing our minds and bodies for the road ahead. Here we are in this pensive state, ponderously greeting the end of 2012 with beer in hand, feet kicked up and music blasting from another room. We will maintain this reclined position until New Year’s Day, when we will come at you with all kinds of awesomeness that we’ve been saving up for the new year. Until then folks, grab a beer and join the party as you feast yourselves on our favorite posts from 2012.

Until next time… Be Well. Be Cool. And Stay Fresh. Cheers.

Unflinchingly Yours,

The Staff of Quiet Lunch Magazine

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