Gus Powell. | The Lonely Ones at Sasha Wolf Gallery.

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If you are in the Lower East Side today, we suggest that you stop by Sasha Wolf Gallery to see Gus Powell’s The Lonely Ones. The solo exhibition is inspired by cartoonist William Steig’s 1942 classic, The Lonely Ones. Powell made his own version, keeping the clever caption aspect, but opting for color photographs of people, animals and inanimate objects instead of illustrations. This homage is beautifully conveyed through an installation of photographs and letterpress text.

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Tucked in the Lower East Side, this exhibition is a brilliant find. The Lonely Ones has a nimble angst; so nimble that Powell somehow finds himself being charming. The exhibition runs through February 27. Sasha Wolf also has the hardcover book available, which has been reviewed by TIME, VogueThe New Yorker—just to name a few. Accolades aside, The Lonely Ones is a definite must-see.

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