Fxcking Rebels. | Martyna Kalinska.

In The Menu, Visual Arts by Quiet Lunch

Designer Martyna Kalinska recently finished up her latest series, Fucking Rebels. Depicting various members of the animalia kingdom, each mugshot was created with a three color scheme which gives everything that pop culture feel. We caught up with Kalinska who kind enough to give us a little background on the new project:

“Fucking Rebels series was created to show the bullies in nature and how our behavior as people relate to the actions of the animals we feel superior to. I chose to make these pieces look like mugshots concentrating on each animals’ distinctive features in a minimalistic form. The mugshot composition makes it easier to capture the snarky emotion of each character.”
– Martyna Kalinska
To see the entire series, follow Martyna Kalinska on Instagram at @ataricubix