From the Galápagos to Peru with Love. | Willi Jones.

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Although we’re based in New York City, our staff is well aware that there is a world that exists outside of the ever-engrossing Gotham—that’s why we created From… with Love, an ongoing travel series. Ever since our first installation, we have been getting great feedback and even some submissions.

Our latest submission comes from Willi Jones along with Mia Asnong, Francis Métivier and Vincent Duplantie. Jones and the gang visited South America, making stops in Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.

quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_04 quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_03quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_09

quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_08 quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_07 quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_06 quiet-lunch-galapagos-islands-peru-ecuador-machu-picchu-with-love-willi-jones_05

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