Music Review. | Fallen. | Gert Taberner.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

Stripped, yet evoking intimacy, Gert Taberner, is making a statement with his EP, Fallen.  An uncomplicated ease grips and caresses the listener. Last September, Gert released this cunning three-track project.  Situated in a comfortable realm of Folk music –the German transplant, who currently resides in New York City — also embraces elements of R&B and Pop.

Taberner has the polished ability to sonically amplify an emotion. With “Fallen,” a methodically strummed guitar, helps to create an invasive and welcoming atmosphere. After being enveloped by disgruntled memories, “In Need” presents a dire yearning to immediately receive love. Although it’s ironically upbeat for the dark topics it explores, “Places,” ends the EP on a high note.

Press play to discover if Gert Taberner will be rewarded with musical longevity.

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