Don’t You Know He’s Loco?

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French painter Mohamed Kahouadji is a connoisseur of color. Kahouadji’s ability to marry hues is both exhilarating and forthright.

“Don’t You Know I’m Loco?” (Courtesy of Mohamed Kahouadji.)

Submitted to us some time ago, we actually sat on Kahouadji’s work before finally reviewing it and acknowledging its worth. Again, much like Claudio Parentela we realized Kahouadji’s greatness all too late.

His raw style and vibrant mannerism is anchored in a foundation of cheeky rhetoric. We caught up with Kahouadji and asked him our usual brand of questions:

What is your relationship with color?

“For me, each color is a word. I like to think that there is a semantic of colors.”

“When We Were Kings”. (Courtesy of Mohamed Kahouadji.)

“Phosphène, The Dog”. (Courtesy of Mohamed Kahouadji.)

“Nouvelle Vague”. (Courtesy of Mohamed Kahouadji.)

You would have to wonder exactly what an artist like Kahouadji is thinking. After looking at his work, you become curious as to where he musters his inspiration from. Kahouadji offered up a rather simple answer:

Are there any major influences in your life that find their way into your work?

“Well, it’s a big question, sometimes i can find meanings, but there is a place for spontaneity.”

Courtesy of Mohamed Kahouadji.

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