Dimensions Variable. | James Gortner at Lyon Wier Gallery.

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Lyons Wier Gallery is pleased to announce Dimensions Variable by James Gortner. “Dimensions Variable” highlights Gortner’s rigorous exploration of photorealism by hand-sculpting each surface using wood, foam, staples, canvas and acrylic paint before using oil paint to realistically render the figure.  The results transform the expectations of the two-dimensional surface into a beguiling three-dimensional composition.  “Dimensions Variable” also features the artist’s hand-constructed frames, suggesting a threshold for the subjects of the paintings to come forward, into ‘real life’, as they visually oscillate between the foreground and background of the illusionistic painting.  Within this imagined portal, Gortner sets up narratives of powerful beings and parabolic plot twists that are purely visual. The paintings’ conceptual makings and process, however, tell another story.

Opening Reception | Thursday, May 4th, 6-8pm