D'(Angel)o from Above.

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D’Angelo strums a tune during his rendition Funkadelic’s “Soul Mate”. (Screenshot Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.)

The godfather of neo-soul has return in all his glory. After a 12 year hiatus, D’Angelo recently resurfaced in a profile for GQ. In the interview, D’Angelo speaks about his career, his addiction, his brushes with death and his eventful resurrection.

The critically acclaimed singer, who was once considered the heir apparent to the throne of soul music, emerged in the mid 90’s with hits like “Brown Sugar” and followed with even greater tunes like “Devil’s Pie” and “How Does It Feel? (Untitled)”. But around around the dawn of the new millennium, Michael “D’Angelo” Archer disappeared into the same darkness that he so often romanticized, leaving many to question and speculate on his absence.

In the video below, D’Angelo plays a quick solo rendition of “Soul Mate”. → Click here ← for the GQ interview. → Click here ← for his first photo shoot in over 10 years.

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