Click-Clack Snack.

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Sometimes conceptual designs really get under our skin, not because they suck, but because they are usually beyond kickass and completely unattainable. Perfect example, Hella JongeriusWeekly Dinner. A part of a collective installation dubbed My Soft Office, Weekly Dinner is a keyboard plate that allows the user to snack and type at the same time–or at least, that what it appears. In the end, Weekly Dinner is just a faintly realized pipe dream that could only be gawked by those who were lucky enough to see Jongerius exhibit in 2001.

Courtesy of Jongeriuslab.

Despite being doomed to a lifetime of eating out of our lap while using the computer, we did have the opportunity to learn about a brilliant mind. Head honcho at Jongeriuslab, Hella Jongerius has spent the past two decades creating works that blend the worlds of industry and craft. Learn more about her and Jongeriuslab in the video we’ve provided below.

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