Being Brenda.

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We may have found the new Jamie Hewlett. Illustrator Brenda López has humongous knack for making everyday situations look captivating and idiomatic.

“Barthy Burgers”. (Courtesy of Brenda López.)

Creating under the pseudonym Repeating Defect, López, much like Hewlett, pays careful attention to nuance and detail without overthinking. Her work is playful but occasionally takes on a poignantly serious undertone.

“Police Da Police”. (Courtesy of Brenda López.)

The important thing about López’s work is the honesty; the subject matter, the characters — it’s all so organic. Despite the comparison to Hewlett, you can really tell that she’s being herself and no one else.

“Nobody Can”. (Courtesy of Brenda López.)

“Nobody Can”. (Courtesy of Brenda López.)

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