beccs Drops The Bouquet.

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Born from an impromptu night-time stroll by a flower stand, “The Bouquet” was conceived and created in one spontaneous burst by music artist beccs and photographer Katelyn Kopenhaver. The experimental short film follows a woman (beccs) who ventures into her local Bodega in New York to purchase a fresh bouquet of flowers. There, the camera (Kopenhaver) gradually encroaches on the woman who is falling deeply in love with a particular bouquet. As her awareness of the outside world emerges, she starts to disintegrate and wilt. With unhinged vocals, fragrance, voyeurism, and lurking shadows, “The Bouquet”, scored by Sam Mewton, explores the lengths the human spirit is willing to go to know love.

When asked about the character in the film and exactly what she was channeled for the performance, beccs replied:

I think this character’s hunger to know love almost blinds her from any shot at finding it. She copes through projecting it into things that feel safe. Like flowers. Through her arc in the film and beyond, we get a taste of what happens when the illusion of love begins to wilt.

– beccs

This Valentine’s Day, Art World Escape, a platform known for behind-the-scenes experimental artist experiences, partners with acclaimed artist Ryan Bock to host the first public screening of The Bouquet. Tickets cost $30 and are available through or the Art World Escape app. Get your tickets while you still can!

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