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beccs Drops The Bouquet.

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Born from an impromptu night-time stroll by a flower stand, “The Bouquet” was conceived and created in one spontaneous burst by music artist beccs and photographer Katelyn Kopenhaver. The experimental short film follows a woman (beccs) who ventures into her local Bodega in New York to purchase a fresh bouquet of flowers. There, the camera (Kopenhaver) gradually encroaches on the …

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Beccs Debuts By The Sea.

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beccs debut as a music producer and filmmaker, By The Sea, is a soundtrack to a warm, and mellow day. Her paradisiacal voice describes personal growth from a relationship with a distant feeling. Although the project emerged from the emotions of losing someone close, it sparked the collaboration of two close friends with a mutual passion for cinematography. The photographer …

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BOOK N°5. | Neil Grayson.

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QUIET LUNCH is proud to present BOOK N°5 featuring painter Neil Grayson! This issue is filled with individuals who are intent on finding the answer—an answer that may benefit us in a unique way. These individuals encourage us to find fresh ways of thinking, which what this issue embodies. Book N°5 is highlighting artists with varying, but potent, perspectives; artists who inspire us to recognize the essentials and then use them to build new schools of thought!

Our cover was shot by renowned photographer Yelena Yemchuk, known for her work with the Smashing Pumpkins and popular publications such as Vogue and New Yorker. Yemchuk captures Grayson in his element—concentrated, contemplative, content, shaping his pictorial vision with gusto and a palette knife.

The issue also includes Q&A’s with visual artists Harmonia Rosales, Kip Omolade and Emily Miller; features on Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Bradley Hart, Stan Squirewell, Jeffrey Allen Price and Ai Campbell; a look at Ali Cavanaugh’s Sock Arms series; and an open letter from Mariá Fernanda Leaño. We take time out to chat with some musical newcomers such as Chi Town’s own Ravyn Lanae, songstress Beccs and Mike Dean’s protege Dice SoHo. And we also put a spotlight on some young fashion labels like BWood, L’Enchanteur, WXYZ and SCOGÉ.