The Further Chronicles of Now. | Anthony Haden-Guest at Anderson Contemporary.

In The Menu by Quiet Lunch

Curators Gregory de la Haba, Akeem Duncan and Quiet Lunch are absolutely thrilled to publish for the first time the latest cartoon series “The Further Chronicles of Now” by legendary party-animal and Spy magazine’s “Iron Man Decathlon” winner in 1988 and 1989, Sir Anthony Haden-Guest. Timed to coincide with his exhibition opening this evening at Anderson Contemporary, 180 Maiden Lane, “The Further Chronicles of Now” takes cartooning to new heights as well new media and with his target-subjects culled from the art world, the club world, high-society and inspired by our social disorders, neuroses, and the current state of all things, Haden-Guest so too brings a refreshingly new breath of humor to the comedic world of that great thing we call life. Presented in partnership with The Villa America Fine Art, “The Chronicles of Now” is on view through June 10,