New Music. | “You Should Know” | Rapsody Ft. Busta Rhymes.

In Audiorotic by Niki Gatewood

So many adjectives. Rapsody is raw. Rapsody is an MC. Rapsody is Hip-Hop. Recently, the North Carolina narrator dropped her anticipated endeavor,  Laila’s Wisdom Named for her Big Mama — from whom she learned many valuable lessons — the album serves as an effort in excellence. It demonstrates that an  innate essence will always trump a fleeting notoriety.

From amorous to angst, Laila’s Wisdom champions the art of metaphor. A treat, it challenges the listener with life’s complexities. Beckoning back to Goodie Hip-Hop, “You Should Know” finds Rap on her shit. Twisted sixteens from the Jamla / Roc Nation spitter spotlights everything from perception versus reality to dodging clowns and reinforcing self-worth.

The legendary lyricist, Busta Rhymes also blesses the 9th Wonder symphony. Thank you, Rap!