What Are Americans Really Making?

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The war between classes is becoming more evident as the young century progresses. Nonetheless, this is not something new. Throughout the span of time, man has sought to create distinction between one another. From spiritual beliefs to monetary wealth, human beings have found ways to say, ‘I’m better than you’ — and with class distinction becoming highly strained, it helps to know the facts.

Thankfully, before everyone starts running about attempting to separate the paupers from the elitists, Lam Thuy Vo over at NPR went digging in the Census crates to find out exactly who makes what nowadays. These reports are from 2010 (the date last published) but still offer some key insight.

Courtesy of NPR.

Courtesy of NPR.

Courtesy of NPR.


  1. Sadder days….I wish I could say I see a change coming, but I don’t. We’re liking to believe that as a people, we’re becoming more and more aware due to advances in technology, but we’re not. We’re becoming more and more complacent, more easily subdued…we don’t fight for what we believe in anymore, at least not as much as we used to. Social media is to blame. I wish they powers that be would make the social and economic state of affairs as big of an issue to the younger generation as they did Treyvonn Martin, with the staying power of Natalie Halloway.

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